0 Role of Family in Creative Progressive Change Making – Yes

ReBelle has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and West Africa from 1994 to the present. They’ve acquired a devoted fan-base and touched lives of people world- wide in deeply transformational ways. They’ve received rave reviews from the press in the U.S. and Africa. They’ve released 7 albums and numerous singles during this time.

Throughout the early years they travelled, Kalpana Devi made the decision to integrate her life passion raising her children with her dedication to raising her voice in the world. As a result, the band evolved, mentoring her 2 children who ultimately came on board and began expressing their prodigious musical talents, playing drum set, keyboard, vocals, composing and arranging for ReBelle.

ReBelle became known as an intergenerational force and the mere presence of the group was a life- changing experience. Never mind, their rich soul-stirring African, funk soundscape.

They committed to meeting humanity in a conversation.

Musically and otherwise, they are instruments of a soul- centered mission for peace, sanity and love in the world.